Grade1 – Word Problems

Grade1 - Word Problems

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1.Mat has 4 role playing toys. His mom got 3 more role playing toys for his 6th birthday. How many role playing toys does he have now?
Answer :
2.George is 7 years older than his brother John. George is 11 years old. How old is John?
Answer :
3.Jack has 6 pennies and 2 dimes and 3 nickels. How much money does he have?
Answer : cents
4.Jean starts working on his homework at 5:00 p.m. He completes the home work in 25 minutes.What is the time now?
Answer : p.m
5.Stella has 5 pencils. Jon has 3 more than Stella. Fran has 2 less than Jon. How many pencils do they have altogether?
Answer :
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