Addition Word Problems 1

1. Sam has 10 bags. Mary has 12 bags. How many bags do they have altogether?
Answer : They have bags.
2. Sean has 6 pens. He buys 9 more pens. How many pens does he have in all?
Answer : He has in all pens.
3. Matthew has 5 books. He buys 4 more books. How many books does he have in all?
Answer : Matthew has books.
4. Hayley has 6 pencils. She finds 7 more pencils. How many pencils does she have in all?
Answer : Hayley has pencils.
5. Patricia has 8 bags and Sana gave her 9 more. How many bags does Patrica have now?
Answer : Patricia has bags.
6. There are 9 boys and 9 girls in the gymnasium. How many kids are there altogether?
Answer : There are kids.
7. David has $11. He needs $8 more to buy a Lego Train Set. What is the cost of the Lego Train Set?
Answer : The cost of the Lego Train Set is .
8. David and Richard have same amount of money. Richard bought snacks for $9 and has $19 left. How much money does David have ?
Answer : David has .
9. Anne collected 12 seashells on Saturday. She collected 9 more seashells on Sunday. How many seashells did Anne collect totally?
Answer : Anne collected totally seashells.
10.Sam bought 8 gummies on Monday. He got 72 more gummies on Tuesday. How many gummies did he get totally?
Answer : Sam has gummies.
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