Discovery Magazine's kid section is a fun and exciting resource for children to explore science and the mysteries of the universe.
Time Magazine's website for kids features articles and activities to improve their knowledge of the world around us beyond the academic pursuits of Math and Science.
A wonderful resource for children to learn about Astronomy and Space
exploration from the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA)
A Fun resource for children to learn about Climate from NASA. It features
a ton of online activities.
The Environment Protection Agency's site for Children
Believe it or not, the University of Manchester has a wonderful site just
for Children.
Now this will really wake up the sleeping Edison in your kid.
Want to learn science the simple way?
Love Facts and Trivia?
This fun website for children includes math, Sudoku, reading, grammar games, online books and even comics. And it can all be sorted by age and grade level.
A great learning resource with videos on Science and Math starting from basics all the way to more advanced topics..