Estimation based on time

1. Tracy washed her hands. About how long did it take?
a. About 5 seconds

b. About 5 minutes

c. About 5 hours

d. About 10 minutes

2. Mary’s mother was combing Mary’s long hair. How much of time Mary’s mother took to comb?
a. About 5 seconds

b. About 5 minutes

c. About 1 Hour

d. About 30 minutes

3. Tim practiced swimming for 57 seconds.About how long did he practiced?
a. About 2 Hours

b. About 10 minutes

c. About 1 Hour

d. About 1 minute
4. Michael was eating his breakfast.2 pieces of bread and one glass of milk. How much of time Michael took to finish his breakfast?
a. About 15 minutes

b. About 1 hour

c. About 30 minutes

d. About 30 seconds
5. Rose’s mother asked her to plant a lily plant in the garden. She took 25 minutes to plant and water it. About how long did it take?
a. Half an hour

b. 1 hour

c. 25 secs

d. 2 hours
6. Kitty was filling the jug with water. For her it took 60 seconds. How long did kitty fill?
a. 1 hour

b. 2 minutes

c. 1 minute

d. Half a minute

7. Moses ran to the park and he was playing there for 30 minutes. How long did he play?
a. 1800 seconds

b. 1 hour

c. 30 seconds

d. 2 hours
8. Clay was cutting an apple to eat. How long did he take?
a. 1 Second

b. 5 minutes

c. 15 minutes

d. 1 hour
9. Claudia was picking 5 oranges to prepare juice from the refrigerator. How much time she spent on picking the oranges?
a. 5 minutes

b. 2 seconds

c. 20 minutes

d. 2 minutes
10. Silvia was celebrating her 4th birthday. She had to blow the candles on her cake before cutting it. How long it took for her to blow?
a. 20 minutes

b. 10 minutes

c. 10 seconds

d. 5 minutes
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