1. Mars has 2 moons and Neptune has 13 moons. How many moons does Neptune have more than Mars?
Answer : Neptune has moons more than Mars.
2. Mike had $15. He bought a book for $4. How much money does Mike have now?
Answer : Mike has .
3. It is 3 p.m. Matthew has to go for his soccer practice in another 3 hours. What time does his soccer practice start?
Answer : Matthew's soccer practice starts at p.m .
4. Hayley gave 6 stickers to Kaylee, 8 stickers to Bryan and had 6 stickers remaining with her. How many stickers did Hayley have in the beginning?
Answer : Hayley had stickers in the beginning.
5. Patricia sold 12 cub scout cookies on Monday, 4 cub scout cookies on Tuesday, 19 cub scout cookies on Wednesday. How many cookies did Patricia sell in all?
Answer : Patricia sold cub scout cookies.
6. Jack has 3 quarters, 3 dimes and a nickel. How much money does he have?
Answer : Jack has $ .
7. Farmer Kent gets 3 eggs a day from his hens. In how many days will he get 9 eggs?
Answer : He will get 9 eggs in days.
8. Jan is 9 years older than Kate. If Kate is 5 years old now, then how old is Jan?
Answer : Jan is years old.
9. Anne collected 27 seashells on Saturday. She collected 22 more seashells on Sunday. How many seashells did Anne collect totally?
Answer : Anne collected totally seashells.
10.John has 4 pencils. Abe has 4 more than John and Joe has 3 less than Abe. How many pencils do they have altogether?
Answer : John, Abe and Joe have pencils.
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