Grade2 – Word Problems

Grade2 - Word Problems

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1.Carrie has $7. She needs $8 more to buy the books she wants. What is the total cost of the books?
Answer : $
2.Together,Nancy and David raised $65 for St. Jude’s charity. If $36 was raised by David, how much did Nancy raise?
Answer : $
3.Sam is 3 years older than Janice. Matt is 4 years older than Janice and is 21 years old. How old is Sam?
Answer :
4.Jonathan has a piano class starting at 4 p.m. for 45 minutes. He has a tennis class within 15 minutes after the piano class ends. The tennis class is for 1 hour. What will be the time when the tennis class gets over?
Answer : p.m
5.Vince sells 4 Popcorn Tins every week. By the end of 6 weeks, how many Popcorn Tins would he have sold?
Answer :
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