Grade3 – Word Problems

Grade3 - Word Problems

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1.Ms. Jan has a budget of $100 for the Christmas party of her class. She spent $42 on snacks and $27 on crafts. How much is she left with?
Answer : $
2.There are 15 kids in the Ms. Tran’s class. 3 of the kids word blue shirts, 9 kids wore red shirt. How many fractions of the kids wore shirt colors other than red and blue?
Answer :
3.There are 48 kids in the Lego Club. The teacher divides them into 6 groups. How many kids are there in each group?
Answer :
4.Manny has a rectangular swimming pool in his backyard. The length of the pool is 15 feet and the width is 12 feet. What is the perimeter of the swimming pool?
Answer : feet
5.I am a triangle and all my sides have different length. What kind of a triangle I am?
Answer :
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