Grade4 – Word Problems

Grade4 - Word Problems

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1.Matt’s dad is building a brick wall around the house. The wall on one side is 83 feet long and the height is 9 feet long. Each brick is 1 feet long and 1 feet high. How many bricks are needed to make the wall?
Answer : sq.feet.
2.Miranda went to bed at 8:45 p.m. She slept for 9 hours 45 minutes.What time did she wake up?
Answer : p.m.
3.Richard is climbing Mt. Pinnacle which is 827 feet above the ground. He is 171 feet from top.How far is he from ground?
Answer :
4.Janice cut 8 times in sandwich to divide it equally 4 inches long. How long was the sandwich?
Answer : inches
5.Matt went with his dad and bought a table and a chair for $62.The table was $26 more than chair. What's the price of the chair?
Answer : $
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