Grade5 – Word Problems

Grade5 - Word Problems

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1.Jack is bringing cupcakes to class for Christmas party. His teacher asked him to plan 2 cupcakes for a student.There are 24 students in class. How many dozens of cupcakes should he bring?
Answer : dozen
2.Ms. Green gave 40 chocolates to her 5 daughters. Sally, Molly and Jolly got each 1/5th of the total chocolates.Jenny got 3/4th of the remaining chocolates and Sarah got the remaining 1/4th. How many chocolates did Sarah get?
Answer :
3.The total cost of a toy and a shirt is $12. Twice the cost of toy and three times the cost of shirt is $26. What is the cost of the shirt?
Answer : $
4.A bag contains 3 blue, 4 purple,5 black marbles. What is the probability of not picking a blue marble?
Answer :
5.Trish's grandma raises cows and chickens in her farm. There are a total of 20 heads and 54 feet. How many cows are there?
Answer : cows
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