“Time” Word Problems: Ages 6 – 8

This Word Problems Math workbook (Kindle Edition) features carefully selected exercises to stimulate your First Grader’s Brain and develop a keen interest in the practical application of Math skills. These Math Word Problems help children practice and reinforce the essential math skills they learn in school. Regular targeted practice is a proven method of helping children reach their maximum potential and perform better on important standardized tests.




These word problems are designed to foster an understanding of time and an appreciation for the practical application of time skills in everyday life. These are essential foundational skills that form the basis of Scheduling and Time Management skills we use throughout our lives in school, at work and in our personal lives.

"TIME" WORD PROBLEMS, has exciting and stimulating word problems designed to develop time perception and time calculation skills in elementary school children.

Leveraging the portability of the Kindle device, this exclusive Kindle eBook is a wonderful way to sneak in some productive time while waiting at the doctor's office or riding in the car.

The BrainChimp series of books are designed to stimulate the minds of kids and empower them with the skills to be more successful in school and beyond.

Answer Key is included to measure progress and guide practice.