Sample Addition Pictures

1. There are 23 marbles in Basket A and 37 marbles in Basket B. How many marbles are there in the two baskets?
Answer : There are marbles in the two baskets.
2. Anna has 27 chocolates and Josie has 57 chocolates. How many chocolates do they have in all?
Answer : They have chocolates in all.
3. Matthew has 57 apples and Josh has 38 apples more than Matthew. How many apples does Josh have?
Answer : Josh has apples.
4. Hayley had some stickers. She gave 26 stickers to Kaylee, 38 stickers to Bryan and had 26 stickers remaining with her. How many stickers did Hayley have in the beginning?
Answer : Hayley had stickers in the beginning.
5. Patricia sold 26 cub scout cookies on Monday, 28 cub scout cookies on Tuesday, 37 cub scout cookies on Wednesday. How many total cookies did Patricia sell in all?
Answer : Patricia sold cub scout cookies.
6. Mr. Sam bought movie DVDs for $56 and Wii DVDs for $28. How much money did both the DVDs cost?
Answer : Both the DVDs cost Mr. Sam .
7. David has $56. He needs $28 more to buy a Lego Train Set. What is the cost of the Lego Train Set?
Answer : The cost of the Lego Train Set is .
8. David and Richard have same amount of money. Richard bought snacks for $12 and has $37 left. How much money does David have ?
Answer : David has .
9. Anne collected 57 seashells on Saturday. She collected 37 more seashells on Sunday. How many seashells did Anne collect totally?
Answer : Anne collected totally seashells.
10.Sam bought 12 gummies on Monday. He got 12 more gummies on Tuesday. How many gummies did he get totally?
Answer : Sam has gummies.
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