Subtraction Word Problems 1

1. Anne and Bertha are playing with balls. Each of them have 10 Balls with them. Cathy joined in and Anne gave 3 balls and Bertha gave 2 balls to Cathy. How many Balls does Anne have now?
Answer : A has balls.
2. Matthew is a painter. He paints 15 different pictures every day. The cost of one painting painting is $150. The person who came to buy gives him $200. How many dollars should Matthew give to that person who bought the painting?
Answer : Mathew needs to return dollars.
3. Anne gave a test which had 100 questions. She answered 76 questions. How many questions did she not attend?
Answer :Anne did not attend question
4. Mosey has to sell 10 popcorns. Each popcorn costs $3. He sold 3 popcorns on first day and 4 popcorns the next day. How many popcorns does he have that need to be sold on the third day?
Answer : On Third day he will have popcorns.
5. Jay has $100 in his piggy bank. He bought a $30 toy from a toyshop. What is his balance in his piggy bank?
Answer : Jay will have dollars
6. Alex and Anya are having 15 and 11 cards with them. How many more cards does Alex have than Anya?
Answer : Alex has more cards with him.
7. Nicholas has $66. He needs $18 more to buy one of his favorite book. What is the cost of the book?
Answer : The cost of the book is .
8. Dan and Rachel have same amount of money. Rachel bought chocolates for $10 and she has $37 left. Dan bought chocolates for $13. How much money does Dan have?
Answer : Dan has .
9. Mike is interested in coin collection. He has 22 different types of coins with different values. He lost 5 coins. How many coins does Mike have now?
Answer : Mike has different coins
10. Vincent has $45 with him. He spent $6 on 2 toys. How much does he have now?
Answer :
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