Sample Subtraction – Word Problems

1. Josie has 56 marbles. Carla has 26 fewer marbles than Josie. How many marbles does Carla have?
Answer : Carla has marbles.
2. Michael has 56 stickers. He has 23 more stickers than Andrew. How many stickers does Andrew have?
Answer : Andrew has stickers.
3. Anna completed 75 questions in her workbook. 17 answers were wrong. How many answers were correct?
Answer : answers were correct.
4. Chris sold 29 popcorns on Monday. He sold 48 popcorns on Tuesday. How many popcorns did he sell on Tuesday than on Monday?
Answer : He sold more popcorns on Tuesday than on Monday.
5. Richard had $89. He bought books for $37. How much money does Richard have now?
Answer : Richard will have .
6. Anne collected 57 seashells on Saturday. On Sunday she collected some more seashells and she had a total of 97 seashells. How many seashells did Anne collect on Sunday?
Answer : Anne collected seashells on Sunday.
7. David has $56. He needs $28 more to buy a Lego Train Set. What is the cost of the Lego Train Set?
Answer : The cost of the Lego Train Set is .
8. David and Richard have same amount of money. Richard bought snacks for $12 and has $37 left. How much money does David have ?
Answer : David has .
9. Anne collected 57 seashells on Saturday. She collected 37 more seashells on Sunday. How many seashells did Anne collect totally?
Answer : Anne collected totally seashells.
Answer :
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