Pre-Algebra : Grade 6 Math Workbook

“Pre-Algebra : Grade 6 Math Workbook” by BrainChimp is packed with carefully selected practice exercises to help sixth grade students develop and reinforce Pre-Algebra skills beyond basic school work.

Regular practice is important for students to sharpen their skills and improve their speed. Extra practice also helps improve performance on tests, exams and quizzes.

Book Features:
Pre-Algebra for children Grade-6 (Ages 11-12).




This book has plenty of challenging exercises to give students the competitive edge they seek. It is designed to develop strong problem-solving skills in Pre-Algebra and develop confidence in this subject.

It is our hope that students will also develop a keen interest in the practical application of Math skills while building a strong foundation in Pre-Algebra.

Answer Key is included to measure progress and guide practice.


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